The Future Of London’s Skyline

The following are images which were displayed through animation videos just a couple of months ago at Samsung’s Flagship store in Westfield, Stratford. This is what the future skyline of London could look like, so what say you Londoners, yay or nay?

The part of London shown in the image is that of the London Bridge Quarter and apart from the wind turbines and the fact that the Tower of London & Tower Bridge have disappeared i kinda like it. I would also like to note that some of the skyscraper’s in the art are actually already commissioned to be constructed.

Architectural Photography: Simon Kennedy

Designer: Factory Fifteen

4 Comments on “The Future Of London’s Skyline

  1. Wow. Really? I hope not :( I hate to be a party pooper but one thing I love about London is that we have a relatively good view of the sky from most places, even in town. It’s such a crowded city, that if there was such an abundance of skyscrapers, it would feel very oppressive – it’s already like that on the tube! The new Shard is interesting, but please don’t make it all crazy like that! Problem with London is, most of the time it will look like the bottom two pictures and not the top ones!
    The images are fascinating though :)

    • Well 3 of the buildings have been commissioned, 1 was the Shard and the other 2 are about to be built near the Gherkin. The London Bridge Station is being completely reconstructed in 2014, as for the rest, i doubt it’ll happen, unless we need more skyscrapers for the economies sake.
      But it is quite an interesting look of what it could be like in the future. haha and true unfortunately our weather is infamous for rain! :-(

      • I must say that the London Bridge area does look better for all the work that has been done in recent years. I love the glass and the open feel of the area around County Hall.
        I guess, thankfully, judging by how much time it takes to get things going in London, it won’t be looking like this in my lifetime…or I’ll move to retire by the sea lol P

    • In new york, a law was passed, stating that a skyscraper had to be set back once it reached a certain height. This is why the emire state is set back. You could still see the sky anyway.

      At any rate, I prefer seeing skyscrapers to actual sky!

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