#BatmanvsSuperman – Ben Affleck as Batman & the new Batmobile


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The first photo of Ben Affleck in character as Batman has been revealed by director Zack Snyder. He is pictured standing next to the Batmobile in the brooding black-and-white shot, taken on set of the forthcoming Superman vs Batman film. Although the actor was a controversial choice to play the caped crusader – lets be honest we all wanted Christian Bale to continue as the Dark Knight! The new photo however has had a positive reception.

Many have suggested it shows the older Batman from Frank Miller’s four-part comic book The Dark Knight Returns. The smoke-filled shot suggests the character will continue to be the ‘brooding Batman we’ve come to know and love’ from Christopher Nolan’s tortured Dark Knight trilogy.

The new suit is designed by Michael Wilkinson (300, Watchmen).