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The 40 greatest quotes from Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill, the greatest Briton, a hero and undoubtedly one of the most quoted men in history. He famously said “I have always earned my living by my pen and by my tongue.” So let’s look at… Read More


Britain Has Invaded Nine Out Of Ten Countries, From France To United States

Having done a bit of reading the other day i came across the rather fascinating revelation that Britain has invaded nearly 90% of the world’s countries during its history, with only 22 out of 193 not on the… Read More


Royal Navy’s largest warship HMS Queen Elizabeth officially named by Her Majesty

Today Her Majesty The Queen will officially name the Royal Navy’s largest ever warship after smashing a bottle of Whiskey against the ships hull. HMS Queen Elizabeth weights 65,000 tonnes and can carry 40 jets and helicopters at a… Read More


Trooping the Colour, a history of the spectacle for the Monarch’s Official Birthday Parade!

Trooping the Colour is a ceremony performed by regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies. It has been a tradition of British infantry regiments since the 17th Century, although the roots go back much earlier. On battlefields, a… Read More


The State Opening of Parliament: Her Majesty’s new Diamond Jubilee State Coach #QueensSpeech

The Queen’s new Diamond Jubilee State Coach will be used for the first time today at the State Opening of Parliament, it is only the second new Royal Carriage to be built in a century. What makes this… Read More


The Two Craziest, Most Courageous Chaps Ever? Tales of Two British Heroes.. Part II

Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart VC, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO (5th May 1880 – 5th June 1963) A British Army Officer of Belgian and Irish descent who served in the Boer War, First World War and… Read More


The Two Craziest, Most Courageous Chaps Ever? Tales of Two British Heroes.. Part I

Lieutenant Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming “Jack” Churchill (Mad Jack) DSO, MC (16th September 1906 – 8th March 1996) Nicknamed Fighting Jack Churchill or Mad Jack, was a British soldier who fought throughout the Second World War armed with a Longbow,… Read More


British Villains? Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong & Tom Hiddleston show you why “it’s good to be bad”

Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood, all the villains are played by Brits? Let Jaguar introduce you to the newest British Villain that will make you forget all the usual suspects. #GoodToBeBad Yes this is Jaguar’s first Super Bowl… Read More


The British Seaside

    *Photography from myself of Worthing, England*


Stunning Photography of the Milky Way in the British Night Sky

They were taken at midnight by astro-photographer Stephen Banks using a bright LED torch.


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