As you will have all heard by now, the comedic genius Robin Williams committed suicide on August 11th following a long struggle with depression.  Here was a childhood hero of mine and millions of others, being brought up with films like Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji, Flubber, Aladdin and Hook. The world already seems a lot darker […]


Simon Pegg cleverly tricked the Star Trek cast into wearing a ‘neutron cream’ that would protect them in the laser room they were filming in. Not only that, they also had several cast members constantly jumping around set for their own “safety”. From Zachary Quinto to Benedict Cumberbatch, everyone on the cast fell for the […]

Ron Burgundy & his Channel 4 news team are back and this time they are hitting the 80’s!

The comedian Nathan Fielder took to Twitter to announce a new prank. He asked his followers to text their partners a vague message, and then told them to wait, no phone calls, no response texts – in other words, complete radio silence. Lets just say, some people didn’t get that good a response from there significant other.. […]

If you’re a regular internet user you will have surely stumbled across at least one of these bizarre, confusing and quite frankly hilarious videos by now. Yes i am talking about the ‘Harlem Shake’ craze! Here i have compiled the top 5 Harlem Shake video’s on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. If you have no […]

Ricky Gervais’s latest project Derek began this week,  and to put it bluntly, i loved it.  A work of art. Conceptually perfect. It isn’t your usual comedy series, it is a sweet drama detailing the life of Derek Noakes, a care worker in a home for the elderly, he is kind, selfless and has nothing but good intentions.  The […]