Don’t think we have forgotten Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee year over the Olympic bonanza we had this summer! Here we have the Official Diamond Jubilee Portrait of the Queen, created by Aussi Ralph Heimans. In the portrait you can see the Queen looking down upon the Cosmati Pavement – where every English Monarch has been […]

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It’s been a week since a billion people, including people from all over the Commonwealth celebrated Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. But you would be crazy to think the celebrations were over! Members of the Royal Family are still visiting vast Commonwealth countries to celebrate the event and today the Queen, accompanied by the Duke & […]

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So Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations have come to a close, all although the Jubilee year will go on, we will never forget the 4 days that made Britain Great once more. Lets look back at some of the glorious moments!

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The Queen declared herself deeply humbled by the celebrations staged for her Diamond Jubilee in a rare address to the country and Commonwealth. In a message of thanks broadcast as the festivities drew to a close, she said she was deeply touched to see so many people coming together to mark the occasion in a […]

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What do us British do best? Pomp & Pageantry, and for our Royals we really do kick everything into action. To finish her majesty’s 4 day Diamond Jubilee celebrations we have had the grande spectacle of the Royal Procession through Central London. Around 2000 members of the British Armed Forces lined the route for the […]

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The Diamond Jubilee Concert rocked Buckingham Palace last night providing a large array of artists for not just Her Majesty and the British people but also billions from around the Commonwealth. Gary Barlow arranged the event in co operation with the BBC, and what a lineup he managed to get! Stevie Wonder, Sir Tom Jones, […]