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World War One Centenary Commemorated across the Commonwealth & Europe

Royals and world leaders have gathered for ceremonies marking 100 years since Britain joined World War One. The Prince of Wales and David Cameron attended a service in Glasgow, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in… Read More


Live Update: Apple iPhone Event | iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, IOS7 & much more

Well the wait is over, it’s time to see if those rumours that have been circling the net for the past 6 months were true. What will the iPhone 5S look like? What new features will it have?… Read More

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10 Apple Rumors Ahead of Next Week’s iPhone Event | iPhone 5S?

Rumor 1: The Name Rumor: The next-generation iPhone will be called the 5S. Plausibility: If anything is a shoe-in, it’s that the next-generation iPhone will debut. We’ve seen many pictures and videos of the model hit the web,… Read More


‘Total War: Rome 2’ London event & gameplay opinion | Best PC game ever?

Although i can’t call myself a ‘hardcore fan’ of the Creative Assembly Total War series (having joined in at the second game Medieval) it has definitely kept my attention throughout. For those of you who don’t know of… Read More

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The State Opening of Parliament & The Queen’s Speech

The State Opening of Parliament has been a tradition which dates back as far as the 16th Century, today the Queen unveiled 20 Bills which the coalition hopes to pass into law in the next year. Prince Charles attended for… Read More

Apple Unveils iPhone 5

Here it is finally! With a bigger screen, a resolution of 1,136 x 640 or 326 pixels per inch and at 4 inches and of course retina! The larger screen has a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and has lengthened the phone… Read More

London 2012 Olympics Set For Grand Finale!! The Greatest Show On Earth & An After Party To Remember!!

This is it, after a fortnight of sheer success from all nations, and nothing but respectable sportsmanship, Great Britain will be passing the torch on in style with the infamous Closing Ceremony – but with a British twist…. Read More

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The London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony In Full.. The Greatest Show On Earth, Welcome To London..

Welcome To London Finally the London Olympics of 2012 are underway, and what an amazing, spectacular and absolutely stunning Opening Ceremony we had. James Bond, Mr Bean, Her Majesty The Queen, Paul McCartney and many many more, what… Read More

Extraordinary Letter From Peace Loving Gandhi To Mass Murderer Hitler!?

Quite extraordinary. This letter from Gandhi has been dug up and it is addressed to and was sent to Adolf Hitler in 1939. In the letter Gandhi pleads to Hitler not to start a Second World War and finished the letter with… Read More

Happy 4th July.. Image Of Dazzling Star Creation In Solar System

NASA scientists released this image of a geyser of hot gas from a newborn star ricocheting off a dense area of cloud and molecular hydrogen. They have compared the picture to a classic Independence Day fireworks display.


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