First Trailer for Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’


The first trailer for Ridley Scott’s new movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings is out. Following in the footsteps of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, it’s a biblical story which promises to be a visual spectacle. In the movie, Christian Bale plays Moses, leading the Israelites from Egypt. A lot of focus seems to be placed on the friendship of Moses and the ruler of Egypt, pharaoh Rhamses, played by Joel Edgerton.

Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul and Sir Ben Kingsley also star in the movie, and the script is signed by Bill Collage, Adam Cooper and Steven Zaillian, who won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Schindler’s List. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters December 12, 2014.

Capitol Hill lockdown situation: Female driver who refused to stop shot and killed by police |


Already in a state of high tension over the government shutdown, Capitol Hill was briefly placed on lockdown on Thursday afternoon after a car chase ended with an array of gunshots near the Capitol building in which a suspect was killed, and a police officer injured.

The incident started close to the US Treasury building, just a block from the White House, when a woman travelling with a child in her car was stopped by police. Instead she drove off at high speed towards Capitol Hill, hitting a security barrier and going through red lights along the way. Police were authorised to use force to stop the vehicle and shots were fired. The chase ended when the car stopped. Police said the case was an isolated incident, unrelated to terrorism.

The car involved in the chase was registered to Miriam Carey, 34, of Connecticut, and law enforcement officials believe she was the driver, the Washington Post reported, citing officials. NBC News and local media have also identified the driver as Carey. “I’m pretty confident this was not an accident,” said Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier. Separately, law enforcement sources told thePost that the the woman in the car was unarmed. “The car was trying to get away. But it was going over the median and over the curb,” said eyewitness Matthew Coursen, who was in a taxi when the car sped past. “The car got boxed in and that’s when I saw an officer of some kind draw his weapon and fire shots into the car.”

A Secret Service agent and a police officer were injured, but were said to be in good condition and expected to recover. Officials said the woman was killed, but that a young child in the car was uninjured. The situation further rattled nerves in an anxious city, just three weeks after 12 people were killed and three injured in a shooting spree by a government technology contractor at the US Navy Yard, around a mile and a half away.

Does anyone else find issue with American Police blowing an unarmed mother away in front of her baby? For what? She was driving recklessly? So instead of American Cops using their brains to use maybe a stinger to halt her they decided they would lean in the window of her car and execute her because she didn’t ‘obey’. I love America for its principles and what it stands for: freedom and liberty for all. But stuff like this? America seems to resemble Soviet Russia more and more every day, obey or die being the mantra, not to mention the ‘spying on our own people for their own safety’ policy the NSA has taken up.

A lot of questions are being asked of what really went down as Police are reporting there was an ‘exchange of shots’ but later it was revealed the woman was unarmed. One comment read: “I watched this almost live on CNN last night and the DC police acted appallingly. They had the car boxed in and motionless at one point – which is when they should have shot out the tyres – but then allowed it to get away. I am curious to know how, since this luckless woman was unarmed, there was “an exchange of shots”. Knowing US police, I would bet that any injuries on 5-O’s side were own goals.”

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