Newly released Anchorman 2 Gag Reel/Bloopers

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The heartwarming, overjoyed Christmas video that’ll brighten your day

This video just brings a real smile to my face so much so that i just had to share it, i hope it brightens your day as well. Video Background: “For some background on this video and my… Read More

Virgin’s in flight messaging system provides the funniest messages!

Virgin American recently introduced an in flight chat app, which passengers can use to communicate with one another (very much like msn or whatsapp). The results from this are hilarious, see the below gallery!

Harlem Shake takes over the Internet, Top 5 best Harlem Shake Videos on the net!

If you’re a regular internet user you will have surely stumbled across at least one of these bizarre, confusing and quite frankly hilarious videos by now. Yes i am talking about the ‘Harlem Shake’ craze! Here i have… Read More

Robert Downey Jr, The Coolest Man In The World?

Yes is the answer, he is the coolest man in the world and if the video above isn’t enough to prove it i don’t know what is. Hit it!


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