Finally the Apple iPhone 5S, Whats new!? | Live Update

So here it is, no surprise the iPhone 5S! It keeps the same overall physical design as the previous-generation iPhone 5, but it also has a number of upgrades. Apple have equipped the brand new iPhone 5S so… Read More


iOS 7 Available from 18th September | Live Update

Apple’s new iOS 7 software will be launched on September 18th. The software has been in beta testing for months but the new look and core redesign will finally make its way to your iPhone soon. It will… Read More


Apple reveals iPhone 5C, Low-Cost iPhone in 5 colours | Live Update

As per usual the rumours were true, there is in fact a budget IPhone called the iPhone 5C. Lets have a closer look at the brand new iPhone. Specs and Design The iPhone 5C has the same physical… Read More

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10 Apple Rumors Ahead of Next Week’s iPhone Event | iPhone 5S?

Rumor 1: The Name Rumor: The next-generation iPhone will be called the 5S. Plausibility: If anything is a shoe-in, it’s that the next-generation iPhone will debut. We’ve seen many pictures and videos of the model hit the web,… Read More

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch | What’s the point?

After months of rumours and speculation, Samsung finally announced its Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Unlike most of the new devices we’ll see this year – tablets, smartphones, TV’s – the Galaxy Gear is difference because it could potentially… Read More

Xbox One VS Playstation 4: How do the two stand up against each other?

Apple Unveils iPhone 5

Here it is finally! With a bigger screen, a resolution of 1,136 x 640 or 326 pixels per inch and at 4 inches and of course retina! The larger screen has a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and has lengthened the phone… Read More

iPhone 5 Launch Coming? Rumours Surge On The Net As Apple Event Invites Are Handed Out!

Apple have excited nerds all over the world today with the announcement and official invite to the event they have all been waiting for. What makes the reveal and invitation all the more exciting is that on the… Read More

Microsoft Reveal Their ‘iPad Killer’ The Microsoft ‘Surface Tablet’

“It was always clear that what our software could do would require us to push hardware, sometimes where our partners hadn’t envisioned,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the event. “Much like Windows 1 needed the mouse, we… Read More

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Apple WWDC 2012 – Apple Launches It’s best Laptop, Dumps Google And Introduces iOS6

Since Steve Jobs death there has always been a certain degree of doubt hovering over Apple, no matter how small it may be, people wonder whether or not the company will be able to keep up to its… Read More


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