New iWatch Concept is the most realistic to date!


Although Apple remains extremely tight-lipped as ever about any plans to release a wearable device, the persistent rumor mill and concept mock-ups continue to stir an excessive amount of excitement.. much like most Apple products do..

The latest concept takes on the rumored iWatch and comes in the form of a video animation presenting an extremely realistic look at how the device might work if it becomes a reality. Created by San Francisco based professional interface designer Todd Hamilton, this new iWatch concept fuses the sleek design of Nike FuelBand with the minimalist interface of Apple’s iOS 7. See the video below for yourself..

London’s skyscraper Pinnacle to get the greenlight with ‘impossible’ design

Aerial rendering of The Pinnacle in context

Just the other week I uploaded a piece on the ‘ye olde London’ architecture slowly disappearing across the City, and how it was such a shame that amazing Imperial & Roman inspired structures were being replaced. However i also understand the need for more office space and how a huge skyscraper can very much benefit the cities economy. If i was Prime Minister i would bring about restricted high density zones where skyscrapers were allowed but bring back old style architecture in places like the West End and inner City, but anyway..

The next Skyscraper due to make it’s mark in London is the so named ‘Pinnacle’. To some of you it may sound familiar, in fact the Pinnacle has been in the planning and early stages of development for years. However it was halted in late 2012 and a review process launched because of spiralling costs and serious concerns over the buildings feasibility. Leading designers linked to the plans had said the distinctive “helter skelter” appearance wanted by the developers was far too complicated, requiring every single window to be a slightly different size.

Now the extensive review is coming to an end and despite the criticism to the exterior design, no changes have been made to its outer design at all. Architects KPF were asked to start a redesign in October 2012 – and reports suggest they have successfully cut costs without compromising on the tower’s bizarre visual image. Changes have instead been made to the floor plans and interior, with retail space sacrificed in favour of more room for commercial offices and a larger atrium.

Ken Shuttleworth, the chief executive of Make, told Building magazine: “The geometry of the Pinnacle is impossible. It makes the Swiss Re look simple.”

It is understood that the new designs could still require further planning permission, though it is yet to be sought. If its construction goes ahead, Pinnacle will be the second-tallest skyscraper in the UK. Currently no more than a concrete “stump” at 200 Bishopsgate, it has a budget twice that of the £450 million Shard and would tower over Canary Wharf’s One Canada Square.

The British-designed 2016 Rio Olympic Park | Stunning graphics of future sports park


These are the first images of what to expect from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in just under three years time. The 2016 Rio Olympic Park is being built on a waterfront peninsula in the Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood of the city and stretches out over 300 acres and will help Rio host 15 Olympic sports and 11 Paralympic competitions at 34 venues across the city. Funnily enough it is all designed by the same architects behind the London 2012 Olympic Park in Stratford, London.

‘Total War: Rome 2’ London event & gameplay opinion | Best PC game ever?


Although i can’t call myself a ‘hardcore fan’ of the Creative Assembly Total War series (having joined in at the second game Medieval) it has definitely kept my attention throughout. For those of you who don’t know of the Total War games, they are based at key periods in history and although you as a player to command & govern the nation of your choosing around that time period in a sandbox mode. Whilst including historical events, for example the Crusading wars of the medieval era, you ultimately have the control to say whether or not your nation is involved alternatively on a bigger scale you may be playing as the British Empire during the American War of Independence and win the war, claiming all of North America in the name of Queen & Country. The Total War series thus far has covered the following:

  • Shogun: Total War – set in feudal Japan
  • Medieval: Total War – set in medieval Europe
  • Rome: Total War – Set in the roman republic
  • Medieval II: Total War – the sequel to the original set in medieval europe
  • Empire: Total War – set in the 18th century of european empire building
  • Napoleon: Total War – set during the Napoleonic wars in europe
  • Total War: Shogun II – sequel to the original set in 16th century / medieval Japan
  • Total War: Rome II – latest installment returning to the era of the Roman Empire

Rome: Total War was by far the biggest innovation in the series, it took the game from flat characters to 3D ones with a huge system overhaul expanding the game dramatically. Now Creative Assembly have returned to the era of the Roman Empire for a sequel where the graphics and game has once again been completely overhauled. Ranging from the Spanish coast to the exotic kingdoms of the east Rome II allows the player to command various factions such as Rome, Carthage, Macedon, Sparta & many more.

Last wednesday i was fortunate enough to attend a Creative Assembly gathering in Soho, London where i had the opportunity to play the game itself. Firstly it is stunning, the in game graphics have reached a level never before seen in a game of this level, Roman Legions have never looked so awesome. The terrain detail was extremely detailed and the realism of the water, games have just never looked this beautiful. The visual spectacle of hundreds of soldiers clashing on the battlefields of Total War: Rome 2 is certainly a sight to behold. Surveying the battlefield and seeing tiny troops from a distance offers a sense of the huge scale of the battles, while focusing the camera on an individual soldier offers real in depth viewing with amazing animations.


Many fans will welcome the improvements to the AI system in Rome II, it will now take full advantage of terrain during skirmishes, maneuvering to attack you from the side or rear. It’ll also keep reserves during battles in order to reinforce failing lines, during city sieges it even recognises areas of strategic importance and will go out of the way to place units in guarding positions leading up to say markets or forums. The Ai is constantly evaluating the battlefield and reacting to every movement you make which ensures that conflicts are much more than just two sides charging head on at one another.

The campaign map looks superb, much bigger than the previous game and so many additions from city building to even introducing edicts in your regions to please the people and influence politics. The prologue allows you to play through the days of early Rome, before the region of Italy was unified, really taking you down the roots of history.

Total-War-Rome-2-5I am really excited for this game, i am quite literally counting the days down till September 3rd. And may i also say a huge thank you to Creative Assembly, not only for creating this masterpiece but also throwing the event in London last week and allowing us all to meet some of the team behind it. Check out the gallery below.

Billionaire Paypal founder unveils plans for the ‘Hyperloop’ | The future of travel?

Paypal billionaire Elon Musk has revealed plans for an amazing new ‘hyperloop’ transport system that could ‘shoot’ passengers 380 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes. Travellers enter aluminium pods mounted by skis either to their feet or to their cars. The pods, mounted above the ground on columns 50 to 100 yards apart, travel through steel tubes, reaching speeds of up to 800 mph and travelling on a cushion of air. The entrepreneur, who is also behind electric car firm Tesla and space company SpaceX, says the system could be built for less than a high speed rail link.

Musk told Bloomberg Businessweek the system would be ‘like getting a ride on Space Mountain at Disneyland. It would have less lateral acceleration—which is what tends to make people feel motion sick—than a subway ride, as the pod banks against the tube like an airplane. It would feel super smooth.’

What do you think of the idea? More information here: