New iWatch Concept is the most realistic to date!

Although Apple remains extremely tight-lipped as ever about any plans to release a wearable device, the persistent rumor mill and concept mock-ups continue to stir an excessive amount of excitement.. much like most Apple products do.. The latest… Read More

Aerial rendering of The Pinnacle in context

London’s skyscraper Pinnacle to get the greenlight with ‘impossible’ design

Just the other week I uploaded a piece on the ‘ye olde London’ architecture slowly disappearing across the City, and how it was such a shame that amazing Imperial & Roman inspired structures were being replaced. However i… Read More


The British-designed 2016 Rio Olympic Park | Stunning graphics of future sports park

These are the first images of what to expect from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in just under three years time. The 2016 Rio Olympic Park is being built on a waterfront peninsula in the Barra da Tijuca… Read More


‘Total War: Rome 2’ London event & gameplay opinion | Best PC game ever?

Although i can’t call myself a ‘hardcore fan’ of the Creative Assembly Total War series (having joined in at the second game Medieval) it has definitely kept my attention throughout. For those of you who don’t know of… Read More

Billionaire Paypal founder unveils plans for the ‘Hyperloop’ | The future of travel?

Paypal billionaire Elon Musk has revealed plans for an amazing new ‘hyperloop’ transport system that could ‘shoot’ passengers 380 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes. Travellers enter aluminium pods mounted by skis either to their… Read More

Brand new iPhone 6 edgy concept | By Johnny Plaid

As per usual the rumour mill is filled with various new additions for Apple’s next generation of iPhone, accompanying the rumours are concepts for the new style. Now below we have concept designs by Johnny Plaid for the… Read More

Apocalyptic Britain: What would Britain look like in I Am Legend

Having seen films like I Am Legend i have often wondered what Britain would look like in the event of an apocalypse, now we can get a rough idea with the below photographs!

£3 Million For Your Very Own Floating Island / Futuristic Craft Type Thingy..

This strange looking Craft / floating island is named the ‘Osros’ and was designed to offer the billionaire superyacht lifestyle to the millionaire who can’t afford it. It has six luxury double bedrooms, with space for 12 residents… Read More


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