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The heartwarming, overjoyed Christmas video that’ll brighten your day

This video just brings a real smile to my face so much so that i just had to share it, i hope it brightens your day as well. Video Background: “For some background on this video and my… Read More

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10 Apple Rumors Ahead of Next Week’s iPhone Event | iPhone 5S?

Rumor 1: The Name Rumor: The next-generation iPhone will be called the 5S. Plausibility: If anything is a shoe-in, it’s that the next-generation iPhone will debut. We’ve seen many pictures and videos of the model hit the web,… Read More

iOS 7: Apple’s brand new interface for iPhone

iOS 7 is Apple’s brand new iPhone & iPad operating system and it looks stunning! Designed by Sir Jonathan Ive, (the mastermind behind most of Apple’s beautiful designs) iOS 7 completely reinvents the icons, notification centre, calenders, introduces… Read More

Support TOBUSCUS Adventures: THE GAME! By @TobyTurner

Audience, your dreams have really come true. Finally, the Tobuscus Adventures Game has arrived. Almost. With the power of crowd funding, you can make the best iPhone game to never happen, happen. Toby Turner is making a free… Read More

Microsoft Reveal Their ‘iPad Killer’ The Microsoft ‘Surface Tablet’

“It was always clear that what our software could do would require us to push hardware, sometimes where our partners hadn’t envisioned,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the event. “Much like Windows 1 needed the mouse, we… Read More


Apple Plan iPad Mini.. 7 Inch iPad Due This October

Apple plans to launch a 7 inch iPad Mini this October. According to various sources, the 7-inch iPad will have the same screen resolution as the new iPad and would sell for $200-$250 (£150). Rene Ritchie, of iMore, wrote: “Our… Read More


Apple Unveils Its Newest iPad /// It’s 4 Times Faster, HD & Has 3D Capacity!!

Now i was a bit reluctant to talk about the new iPad to be honest. Although everyone hyped it up including here at Relentless4Life, but having seen the unveil, well, i was kind of disappointed. The new version… Read More


iPad 3 / iPad HD Rumor Summary..

Apple is set to announce the iPad 3/iPad HD tomorrow (07th March). And as usual with any Apple product the last 6 months before the device has even been announced to exist has been filled with thousands of… Read More


Apple iPad 3 Release Date Revealed As.. 7th March

So we have been talking about iPad 3 for a good 6 months now here at Relentless4Life and finally Apple has revealed the day it will be shown to the world! Apple began sending invitations to the San Francisco… Read More

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Nothing Special.. #FAIL

The new 2.0 update for the BlackBerry PlayBook now lets you use email.. But shouldn’t it have done that already? Does it give you anything an iPad doesn’t? No, so what is the point?! RIM have really failed… Read More


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