iPad 3 Rumors have been flying about the place since the release of the latest IOS 5, and they have all come to the conclusion that we should expect an iPad 3 release in early 2012. Possibly around the same time of the previous iPad, between February & March. The iPad 3 is also set to be […]

So your in your local Tesco’s and your in the electronic’s section trying out the latest iPhone 4S. You decide to ask the all new Siri System “How many people are there in the world?” And Siri replies “Shut the fuck up, you ugly twat”.. No exactly the answer you was expecting, but this is […]

  Although it has not been confirmed and all information about the Blackberry London has either been leaked and will therefore be different at launch or is rumour. We are going to take it upon ourselves to compare the potential Blackberry London against its arch rival Apple iPhone! So the Blackberry London is attempting to […]

Its no secret that iPhone 5 has been long awaited by loyal fans of Apple, especially since the previous expectations of a release of one was floundered by a sudden reveal of iPhone 4S. But what has Apple really got left to add to a new phone in the iPhone series? One thing we can […]

So what lies on Apple’s horizon after what has been notably a very strange year for the company. What can we expect of the iPad 3 and how will the iPhone 5 differ from its predecessors? According the various sources, the iPad 3 will be packing a high resolution retina display, which has already been […]

Apple have released an instruction manual that software developers can use to get inside Apple’s Siri technology and modify it for their own purposes. One such advance in the use of Siri has allowed the personal assistant to control the thermostat in houses. Web developer Pete Lamonica spent five days getting the artificially intelligent personal assistant to […]

Apple’s latest update, and first since the IOS 5 over haul, the 5.0.1 looks to test the companys OTA distribution system, but has it addressed the widespread battery problems? Apple’s Support Forums have been flooded with complaints over the battery life issue – where an iPhone running IOS 5 drains battery faster than expected. However […]