Fake iOS 7 advert fools ‘stupid people’


A well-photoshopped Apple ad has been boasting that iOS 7 will make your iPhone waterproof, and people.. stupid people learned the hard way that software and hardware are two VERY different things.

The fake advert claimed that:


Those who tested to see if their phones were waterproof took to the same social networks that fed them the ads to complain about the horrendous mistake they’d made.



Finally the Apple iPhone 5S, Whats new!? | Live Update


So here it is, no surprise the iPhone 5S! It keeps the same overall physical design as the previous-generation iPhone 5, but it also has a number of upgrades.

Apple have equipped the brand new iPhone 5S so that it can run 64-bit apps (previous models were 32 bits) all thanks to its new processor, the Apple A7. It also packs more than 1 billion transistors into a 102mm chip. Apple have re-engineered all the built-in apps such as Calendar, Email and iPod for the new 64-bit configuration.

Apple says the new A7 chip makes the brand new iPhone 5S five times faster than the iPhone 5 and 56 times than the original iPhone. It supports OpenGL 3.0/ES Version 3.0 for console-level 64-bit graphics. The coming game Infinity Blade 3 will be one of the first games to take advantage of the upgrade to deliver improved graphics.

The iPhone 5S introduces a CoreMotion API for developers, consolidating sensor data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. Apple says it’s “optimized for contextual awareness,” such as when the user is in a moving vehicle. Apple says the system will empower a new generation of health and fitness apps.

One of the major additions to the hardware is a fingerprint sensor in the home button, which enables a feature called TouchID. The iPhone 5S scans the fingertip of the person pressing the button, eliminating the need for a lock code. Touch ID also means the end of the repeated ritual of entering your Apple ID password every time you download a new app.

The fingerprint sensor, which has a protective layer of durable sapphire crystal, can store multiple fingerprints and read them from any orientation. They all reside, encrypted, on the A7 chip.

Major Camera Improvements

The iPhone’s camera is also improved with new sensors that have 15% more area. The Apple-designed lens has five elements with an f/2.2 aperture. The larger sensor translates into bigger pixels, and they’re backed by upgraded image-processing software that automatically sets white balance and exposure level in a dynamic, local tone map of the image.

As predicted, the camera is equipped with a dual-LED flash. The two LEDs have different color temperatures, illuminating a scene with warm and cold light to draw out more natural color. The iPhone’s camera also now includes a burst mode that snaps 10 still pictures in one second, panorama photos go up to 28 megapixels, and there’s automatic image stabilization.

Finally, the iPhone 4S camera is capable of capturing HD video at 120 frames per second (fps). The video camera even has a slow-motion mode.

Oh.. And it comes in Gold

Battery life is rated as follows: 10 hours 3G talk, 8 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours LTE or Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours video playback, 40 hours music playback and 250 hours standby.

Apple is also introducing a brand new colour.. The iPhone 5S will be available in white, black and now champagne gold as well. That marks a change from previous generations, which were available only in white and black.

The iPhone 5S will go on sale Sept. 20 in nine countries: the U.S., Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the U.K. Like previous generations, it’ll come with 16, 32 or 64GB of storage for $199, $299 and $399, respectively — as long as you sign a two-year contract with your wireless carrier (T-Mobile’s installment pricing may be a little different).

By December, Apple plans to be selling the iPhone 5S in 100 countries on more than 270 carriers. Apple will also offer dyed leather cases for $39 each. Although the iPhone 5S and 5C replace the iPhone 5, Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 4S.


iOS 7 Available from 18th September | Live Update


Apple’s new iOS 7 software will be launched on September 18th. The software has been in beta testing for months but the new look and core redesign will finally make its way to your iPhone soon.

It will be available for download on iPhone 4 and later devices, this is the same for the iPad 2, iPad mini and 5th generation iPod Touch.

“It has a new structure, applied across the whole system, that brings clarity to the entire experience,” Apple wrote on its iOS 7 webpage. “The interface is purposely unobtrusive. Conspicuous ornamentation has been stripped away. Unnecessary bars and buttons have been removed. And in taking away design elements that don’t add value, suddenly there’s greater focus on what matters most: your content.”

Among its new features is the Control Centre, which provides one-swipe access to the things you access the most on your phone. The multi-task interface and Safari browser were also refreshed. It also comes with Airdrop for high-speed sharing, allowing users to share files with other iOS devices.

Apple reveals iPhone 5C, Low-Cost iPhone in 5 colours | Live Update


As per usual the rumours were true, there is in fact a budget IPhone called the iPhone 5C. Lets have a closer look at the brand new iPhone.

Specs and Design

The iPhone 5C has the same physical dimension as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, but it’s made of soft silicon rubber rather than anodized aluminium. Taking cues from the fifth-generation iPod touch, the iPhone 5C comes in the following colours: blue, green, yellow, pink and white.

It boasts a 4-inch retina display and features the Lightning connector shared by the iPhone 5, iPad mini and full-sized iPad. It has an A6 chip and a steel-reinforced structure. It also has a slightly larger battery than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C’s iSight camera has a 3x video zoom and a new Face time HD camera. The rear camera is 8-megapixel, has backside illumination and a hybrid IR filter. It also supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world.

An iPhone for All Budgets

Rumours of a so-called “budget” iPhone started in January and built up in earnest over the summer. The iPhone 5C underscores the broader significance of developing smartphones at the lower end of the cost spectrum. The budget smartphone space is growing increasingly important, especially in emerging markets like China. Although Apple has found great success selling its older iPhone devices (usually with smaller storage capacities) for several years after their release dates, this marks the first time a brand new, lower-cost variant has appeared alongside a new flagship phone.

Price and Availability

The iPhone 5C will sell for $99 in the United States for a 16GB model and $199 for a 32GB model. Pre-orders start on Sept. 13 and the iPhone 5C will go on sale on Sept. 20 in the United States, China, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom. By December, the iPhone 5C will be available in over 100 countries and on 270 carriers.

Live Update: Apple iPhone Event | iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, IOS7 & much more


Well the wait is over, it’s time to see if those rumours that have been circling the net for the past 6 months were true. What will the iPhone 5S look like? What new features will it have? Will there be an iPhone 5C? Check out the live updates below!

  • The iPhone 5C is a plastic alternative to  last year’s iPhone 5
  • It comes in five colours including pink,  green, white, blue and yellow
  • It will be shipped running Apple’s latest  iOS 7 software
  • The iPhone 5S comes in three colours  including gold, silver and slate
  • Apple claim the device is twice as fast as  the current handset
  • The fingerprint scanner is built into the  ‘home’ button of the iPhone 5S
  • Called Touch ID, the scanner lets you buy  apps at the touch of a button
  • It can handle multiple fingerprints  securely

In what’s been classed as a ‘make or break’  event for Apple, the tech firm has unveiled a cut-price handset called the  iPhone 5C as well as a high-end model called iPhone 5S. The release of the iPhone 5C marks a step  away from Apple’s luxe image. Many believe the move is a desperate bid to  poach Samsung buyers, as the Korean company and its plastic, cheaper handsets go  from strength to strength.

In what's been classed as a 'make or break' event for Apple, the Californian-based tech firm has unveiled its plastic iPhone 5C that comes in a range of colours and will cost $99.In what’s been classed as a ‘make or break’ event for  Apple, the Californian-based tech firm has unveiled its plastic iPhone 5C that  comes in a range of colours and will cost $99. It has a new HD Facetime camera,  4-inch Retina display and improved battery.

The iPhone 5S is a modified version of the iPhone 5. It comes in three colours - gold, silver and slate - and was Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phill Schiller, pictured, claimed it is twice as fast as the current handsetThe iPhone 5S is a modified version of the iPhone 5. It  comes in three colours – gold, silver and slate – and was Apple’s senior vice  president of worldwide marketing, Phill Schiller, pictured, claimed it is twice  as fast as the current handset


4-inch Retina display with an integrated  touch layer. A6 processor – same as the iPhone  5. The battery is slightly larger than it was on  the iPhone 5. It has the same 8-megapixel rear camera and a  new FaceTime HD cameras. It supports ‘more LTE bands than any other  smartphone in the world.’ Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 The handset will cost $99  for 16GB and $199 for 32GB.

UK pricing is yet to be announced. Speaking at the event, Apple’s Tim Cook  told  a small crowd at the firm’s Cupertino headquarters: I’m  going to talk about iPhone – some of you may have been expecting this,’ said  Cook.

‘Previously we have lowered the price – but  now we are going to replace the iPhone 5 with not one but two new  designs. ‘A year ago we introduced the iPhone 5,  and  it’s been the most successful device we’ve ever done. It took our  iPhone  business to an entirely new level,’ continued Cook. Apple  traditionally releases a brand  new handset one year, before releasing a  follow-up model with  incremental changes the next, for example, the iPhone 4  and the iPhone  4S.

This year, however, was the first time Apple  had been linked to two new handsets at the same event. The new handsets will be shipped with the iOS  7 software, announced in June. Apple recapped the latest version of its  mobile software at the event.

‘iOS 7 is the latest version, and next month  we will ship the 700 millionth iOS device. iOS 7 will quickly become the world’s  most popular mobile operating system. Virtually overnight hundreds of millions of  people will upgrade’ said Craig  Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of  software engineering. The software, overseen by Brit designer Sir  Jonathan Ive, will be made from 18 September for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

The firm added that it will come to older  iPhones ‘later’.

Apple's colourful iPhone 5C is made of plastic, reinforced with steel that works as an antenna. The battery is slightly larger than it was on the iPhone 5 and it has the same 8-megapixel rear camera

Apple’s colourful iPhone 5C is made of plastic and  reinforced with steel that works as an antenna. The battery is slightly larger  than it was on the iPhone 5 and it has the same 8-megapixel rear camera

Apple recently lost smartphone market share  to main rival Samsung, dropping to 14 per cent – its lowest for  three years –  because of ‘lacklustre’ iPhone 5 sales and tougher  competition from  rivals. Experts believe that tonight’s event will be  ‘make or break’ for the Cupertino-based firm.

Apple's iPhone 5C, pictured here being announced by Schiller, is made of 'polycarbonate' but is reinforced with steel that acts as an antenna.

Apple’s iPhone 5C, pictured here being announced by  Schiller, is made of ‘polycarbonate’ but is reinforced with steel that acts as  an antenna. The handset will cost $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB. UK pricing is  yet to be announced. ‘Apple seems happy with that, as it makes  more money per phone than its  rivals: it doesn’t need to sell more mobiles than  everyone else to win  the smartphone war.

‘To get round this, Apple has relied until  now on announcing a new model and  simply making the previous year’s cheaper. ‘But at some point that strategy isn’t going to work so well, and it’s  going  to have to release a model that’s specifically designed to tempt  budget  buyers.’ In the year since Apple unveiled its iPhone 5  handset, for example, Samsung has released or announced 16 new models in its  Galaxy range including the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini.

Craig Federighi, pictured, introduces new iOS 7 software for iPhones and iPads. The operating system can update users' apps in the background.

10 Apple Rumors Ahead of Next Week’s iPhone Event | iPhone 5S?

iPhone_edited-1 (2)

Rumor 1: The Name

Rumor: The next-generation iPhone will be called the 5S.

Plausibility: If anything is a shoe-in, it’s that the next-generation iPhone will debut. We’ve seen many pictures and videos of the model hit the web, and assuming those are authentic, we already know a good chunk of what to expect. The name itself, though, is still up in the air (it could be called the iPhone 6). Then again, packaging for Apple’s rumored budget iPhone 5C has been spotted, so we’re expecting it to stay in the 5 family for now.

Source: Everyone. Basically.

Rumor 2: Larger Display

Rumor: The iPhone’s 4.8-inch display will grow to 6 inches.

Plausibility: This would make the device noticeably larger, but it’s unlikely a 6-inch display would be unveiled at the event. Leaked photos show that the rumored iPhone 5S’ exterior looks the same as its predecessor. They also show that the speakers, Lightning port and headphone jack are all in the same place.

Source: ZDNet

Rumor 3: Faster Processor

Rumor: The new iPhone’s processor will be more powerful than its predecessor.

Plausibility: Major changes to the iPhone will likely happen under its hood. Apple is rumored to be ramping up the device’s A6X processor, while slimming down its form factor. There are reports that the new iPhone will have an A7 chip that runs 31% faster than the chip in the iPhone 5. This seems likely, especially since the device’s launchboard has been seen moved slightly to the right, which would leave room for an enhanced battery. What’s more, the cutout shape for the dual LED flash looks different in leaked models, which hints at big improvements coming to the camera.

Source: Fox News reporter Clayton Morris

Rumor 4: Gold and Graphite Casing

Gold iPhone

Rumor: The new iPhone will be available in a gold-champagne color. “Graphite” will be another color option.

Plausibility: Very likely. This would be the first true color in the iPhone lineup since previous models were only offered in black and white.

Sources: weekly.ascii.jp, Sonny Dickson

Rumor 5: Fingerprint Scanner


Rumor: The iPhone 5S will include a fingerprint scanner.

Plausibility: This is one of the wackier rumors floating around. Leaked photos show internal components with a cushion near the home button for what could be a scanner. It’s noteworthy, however, that Apple patented fingerprint-detection technology last year, and words related to the technology has surfaced in beta code for iOS 7. So perhaps this isn’t as out-there as you’d think.

Sources: Nowhereelse.fr

Rumor 6: The Budget iPhone

Rumor: Apple will launch a low-cost iPhone 5C smartphone alongside the 5S.

Plausibility: Tons of pictures have already leaked for the iPhone 5C. If the smartphone’s rumored budget version debuts on Tuesday with the 5S, it would be the first time Apple has unveiled two separate iPhone devices at once. The low-cost iPhone could help reposition Apple in the smartphone market, as Samsung continues to lead the way with Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Many believe the “C” in iPhone 5C is a nod to China, especially since Apple is holding another event in the world’s most populous country on Tuesday, just hours after the one at its Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. Naturally, the cheaper device would be targeted at China’s mobile market. The iPhone 5C will reportedly have a plastic backing, which would make it a lot cheaper to manufacture.

Source: iApps.im

Rumor 7: China Mobile Partnership

Rumor: Apple will be shipping its lower-cost iPhone to China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier, with more than 700 million subscribers.

Plausibility: Apple has reportedly been in talks with China Mobile for years, with previous reports suggesting that a deal was delayed due to compatibility issues and China Mobile’s demands for a better deal than Apple offers other carrier partners. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said China will become Apple’s largest market, so the move would make strategic sense.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Rumor 8: Colors

Rumor: The iPhone 5C will come in many different colors.

Plausibility: Press invitations that Apple sent out earlier this week include the tagline, “This should brighten your day,” along with colorful dots splashed behind the company’s logo. The invites allude to rumors that the iPhone 5C will come in various colors (we’ve seen leaked images that show the casing in blue, green, yellow, pink and white).

Source: MacRumors

Rumor 9: Apple TV Update

Rumor: Apple TV will get a refresh on Tuesday. A new product related to Apple TV may also launch.

Plausibility: This is a tossup. According to a blog post from trade intelligence platform Panjiva, bills that surfaced indicate a “set top box with communication function” shipped from Apple’s Chinese supplier. The bills were for three separate shipments, dated Aug. 11, Aug. 18 and Aug. 25. An Apple TV update will likely be on the horizon, but it’s unclear whether it will take place next week.

Sources: PanjivaGigaom

Rumor 10: Ships With iOS 7

Rumors: The new smartphones will come with Apple’s latest iOS 7 mobile operating system software.

Plausibility: iOS 7, which is currently in beta, will almost certainly ship on the company’s new products.

Source: Everyone.