Iron Man 3 Concept Art

Iron Man 3 Storms the International Box Office, and the US is yet to come

The superhero follow to up to The Avengers, Iron Man 3 opened with $195.3m (£125.6m) at the global box office this weekend, placing the film on course to surpass the $1.5m haul secured by last year’s Avengers which… Read More

How Much Would It Cost To Be Iron Man In Real Life?..

Iron Man 3 – Official Trailer, Gwyneth Paltrow in underwear? Well, I`m convinced. Army of Iron Men!

Iron Man is back! All i can say is watch this trailer the whole way through and the last 5 seconds are epic enough to make you cry into your first morning cup of earl gray.

‘IRON MAN 3’ Official Trailer

Marvel At Comic-Con: Marvel Confirms “Ant-Man” & “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Movies..

Marvel has been sweeping the floor with cinema releases as of recently, and with Avengers now becoming the third biggest grossing movie of all time they can now expand on their empire! At this years Comic-Con Marvel announced… Read More

*EXCLUSIVE* “Iron Man 3” Suit Revealed At Comic-Con!!

Iron Man 3 is due for release May 3rd 2013!  

EXCLUSIVE: Iron Man 3 Behind The Scenes!!


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