“”Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises,”

David Segal, New York Times: “The Games have hit this country like an extra-strength dose of a mood-enhancing drug. The question being asked here now is whether this national euphoria can last or, better yet, lead the country out of its recent economically driven malaise. Perhaps, as one writer for The Guardian wrote, the Games […]

London said good bye to an amazing Olympics with a spectacular Closing Ceremony. Mimicing the huge success of the Opening Ceremony and indeed the entire event itself – this was a true British after party. With the likes of Eric Idle from Monty Python with an ‘always look on the bright side of life’ sing […]

This is it, after a fortnight of sheer success from all nations, and nothing but respectable sportsmanship, Great Britain will be passing the torch on in style with the infamous Closing Ceremony – but with a British twist. The London Olympics Closing Ceremony will showcase over 50 years of Great British Music, with 4000 performers […]

Sportsmanship Now i know the Opening Ceremony was a week ago, but i never really got the chance to say what it meant to me and us Brits as a whole. As a person i’m not really interested in sport, in fact when it comes to things like Football i very much dislike what it […]

Team GB is on fire at the moment,  with 16 Gold’s, 10 Silver’s & 10 Bronze’s giving us a grand total of 36 Medals! That makes our little island third in the whole world right now! Current Medal Table Medals breakdown                             […]