The London Legacy Development Corporation has begun work on the London 2012 Olympic Park. By spring 2014, the 560 acre Olympic Park will become an exciting new visitor destination and community park, unlike any other in the UK and will be given the name of ‘Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’. London Mayor Boris Johnson said: “Within […]

What can i say, this is the pride of Britain, these athletic heroes, scroll down for London Mayor Boris Johnson’s speech to sum up everything i want to say, my favorite bit however was: ‘You routed the doubters and you scattered the gloomsters and for the first time in living memory you caused Tube train passengers […]

The words “Made in Britain” have been stamped on London 2012, Lord Coe declared at the Paralympics closing ceremony ahead of today’s Athletes’ Parade. Britains sporting heroes will parade their way through the streets of Central London today in front of tens of thousands of onlookers. Olympic and Paralympic heroes will be celebrated at the […]

So, London 2012 has come to an end, but the legacy will undoubtedly live on forever. Tonight we saw Coldplay perform an amazing set to the world from the Olympic Stadium with special guests in the form of Rihanna & Jay-Z. What has amazed me the most about these London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games […]

Yes the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic games are coming to an end. And what an amazing time it has been, I think this is most definitely a highlight in Great Britain’s recent history, and certainly something that will be remembered. I hope you all enjoyed London and for you Brits I hope you are […]

I was on my lunch break from work today and went for usual work down along the Thames around City Hall. It was buzzing! Tourists, office workers, business men, Olympic volunteers, the lot. Walking further down to Tower Bridge I noticed a screen has been set up, one of many across London that show events […]

Sportsmanship Now i know the Opening Ceremony was a week ago, but i never really got the chance to say what it meant to me and us Brits as a whole. As a person i’m not really interested in sport, in fact when it comes to things like Football i very much dislike what it […]