London Underground’s Futuristic New Tube Trains, Automated and Air Con Coming 2022

London Underground have unveiled a new design for its Tube Trains that will be running on the Bakerloo, Central, Piccadilly and Waterloo & City Lines from 2022. One of the biggest changes is that the new trains will… Read More


Stunning Photography of the Milky Way in the British Night Sky

They were taken at midnight by astro-photographer Stephen Banks using a bright LED torch.


50 facts about The Queen’s Coronation – Celebrating 60th Anniversary

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s Coronation in June 1953. Below is a list of 50 facts concerning the day itself, as well as some information on previous Coronations. 1. The crowning of… Read More

The London Bridge Station Redevelopment Program

London seems to be on a mass investment spree at the moment, with various new skyscrapers being constructed across the city and now the unveil of the brand new London Bridge Station – to be finished in 2018. The… Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Iron Man 3 Behind The Scenes!!

Planet Earth Under An 121 Megapixel Satellite Camera



Australia’s Sydney At Night.. Dynamic Photographs..

So i haven’t taken my Private Helicopter out in a while, and today felt like the perfect opportunity to do so, why not Australia?.. But in all seriousness i have always wanted to go to Australia, always kind… Read More

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The Homes Of The Future.. Californian Futuristic Design’s..

California Home & Design have put together some of the most daring and stunning designs for new housing in California. Various different architects have come together to come up with the future housing of the West Coast of the… Read More


The Real Life Iron Man.. Well As Close As Were Going To Get To It..

Mark Pearson spent the best part of 14 months building the perfect life-size replica of the Iron Man suit, but he isn’t a Tony Stark. The replica was made from fiber glass and cardboard, oh and an ashtray as the miniature Arc… Read More

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Argentina Release Shameful Olympic Propaganda Commercial.. Sour Over Losing The Falkland War Are We!?

The Argentine Government has released a pathetic and quite frankly shameful Olympic propaganda advert. The advert depicts some Argentine sportsman i have never heard of, jogging and exercising on the Falkland islands in front of various sites. The… Read More


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