*Please note that I write this post as a neutral, I don’t agree with either sides actions* Just two days ago the House of Commons here in the UK voted to recognise Palestine as a state, a move that reflects the changing British public opinion. During the debate Richard Ottaway, Chairman of the powerful Foreign […]


Having done a bit of reading the other day i came across the rather fascinating revelation that Britain has invaded nearly 90% of the world’s countries during its history, with only 22 out of 193 not on the receiving end of a bit of Great British aggression. The findings are detailed in a book, “All […]

George Galloway

Hello all, we are coming ever closer to the very important question which will decide the future of our 300 year old union, the United Kingdom. In September Scotland will vote in a referendum as to whether it will continue to be part of the union or go it solo.At a debate held yesterday by […]


In the summer of 2013 Stephen Frey (undoubtedly a bloody genius) did a small series on the City of London, revealing that essentially it is in a world of it’s own. So bear with me whilst I try to explain just how the City of London functions as its own small entity. Firstly the City […]


The £1 coin is to be replaced with a new 12-sided version, shaped like the old “threepenny bit”, in a bid to tackle forgery, the government announced this morning. Today Chancellor George Osborne will announce the replacement of the current £1 coin – which has been in circulation for over thirty years. The new coin […]


On the 26th November Alex Salmond and the SNP revealed their ‘Scotland’s Future’ White Paper. Within hours critics were picking up on the lack of fact, misinformation, and the all agreed that the document amounted to nothing but a wish list with no real backing or evidence behind it to make it reality. Just yesterday […]


Today the Scottish Government released its 670 page White paper, Alex Salmond’s blueprint for the break-up of Britain. In the first instance the Scottish First Minister paints a bold image of what an independent Scotland might be like, firstly promising voters they would be £600 better off in an independent Scotland in which the tax system […]