The State Opening of Parliament: Her Majesty’s new Diamond Jubilee State Coach #QueensSpeech

The Queen’s new Diamond Jubilee State Coach will be used for the first time today at the State Opening of Parliament, it is only the second new Royal Carriage to be built in a century. What makes this… Read More

The #RoyalBaby birth in numbers (Infographic)

  (By Robin Flavell and David Beresford)


The True Cost Of The Royal Family Explained.. | #2 Updated for Sovereign Grant 2013

This is an update to the previous blog post ‘The true cost of the Royal Family explained..‘ because since then the Coalition Government has introduced the Sovereign Grant which has some significant changes to the Royal finances.  The United… Read More

Cost of Monarchy VS Presidencies, are the Royals value for money? | British Royal Family

My blog post The True Cost Of The Royal Family Explained appears to be getting a lot of attention today, probably because of the news of Kate Middleton going into labour. So i thought i would reiterate an important point in… Read More

The Royal’s pay rise, full explanation & why YOU the tax payer should NOT be annoyed

Back in April of this year i wrote about the Royal Families new financial arrangements and the history of how our Monarch’s have been funded in the past (please see here: However today it has been reported that… Read More

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The Queen’s new Financial Arrangement & Why she is worth every penny of it

As she says farewell to the Civil List, the Queen has been an acute accountant. The biggest financial blunder in royal history was made by George III when he came to the throne in 1760. Because his grandfather,… Read More

Queen gets a pay rise and the Republicans of Great Britain come out of there caves..

The Queen has received a £5 million rise in funds she receives from the taxpayer to carry out her official duties. The Sovereign Grant, which covers the running costs of the Queen’s Household, replaces the Civil List and… Read More

The Queen Gives Barrack Obama ‘Permission’ To Remain As President Of The United States

‘You may remain president until 2016, or until independence is revoked’ In a personal letter to Barrack Obama, the Queen’s unofficial Twitter has set out the Presidents second term in office, ofcourse giving permission for him to take… Read More

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Trooping The Colour, Pomp & Ceremony At An All Time High

As it is every year the Trooping The Colour Parade was a marvelous spectacle. What made this year’s trooping all the more special however was that this is Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee year.

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#DiamondJubilee – Carriage Procession To End Amazing Royal Celebrations For Her Majesty!

What do us British do best? Pomp & Pageantry, and for our Royals we really do kick everything into action. To finish her majesty’s 4 day Diamond Jubilee celebrations we have had the grande spectacle of the Royal… Read More


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