Is this the first Megacity? New multi-purpose London skyscraper

Its something we see in sci-fi movies like Judge Dredd and Star Wars, megacities with towering, multi-purpose skyscrapers. This could however soon become a reality. Entitled the ‘Endless City’ project it would see a giant 300m skyscraper built… Read More


‘Kingdom Tower’ in Saudi Arabia Will One Day Be the World’s Tallest Building

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world, so it isn’t surprising really that the wealthy Middle Eastern country is set to begin construction next week on what will be the world’s tallest building standing… Read More

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A Few Pictures of London This Week

I’m very fortunate to work in the City of London, which means I get to see these marvellous sites every day.


London’s high rise skyline is beginning to take shape.. Good or bad thing?

For almost 300 years the 365ft high St Paul’s Cathedral dominated the central London skyline, now however it is met with heavy competition. In today’s London there are almost 250 proposed skyscrapers, with many already approved or under… Read More


London’s Skyscraper the ‘Walkie Talkie’ will have Europe’s highest floating Garden

One of the City of London’s latest skyline additions, the giant ‘Walkie Talkie’ will be topped by an exotic ‘floating roof garden’ that will be the highest in Europe. The developers of the 580 ft high skyscraper which… Read More

Aerial rendering of The Pinnacle in context

London’s skyscraper Pinnacle to get the greenlight with ‘impossible’ design

Just the other week I uploaded a piece on the ‘ye olde London’ architecture slowly disappearing across the City, and how it was such a shame that amazing Imperial & Roman inspired structures were being replaced. However i… Read More


The Lost London: Glorious Architecture lost in London over the years

Samuel Johnson said: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” London has been a major settlement since its founding by the Romans who… Read More


See London Light Up in This Amazing Time-lapse Video

Restless Nights byย Paul Richardson Photography During October I spent 8 days cycling 200 miles around London whilst carrying 22kg of camera gear. That week consisted of 3 main tasks. Lots of shooting, transferring photos onto the laptop, and… Read More


Stunning Photography of Vancouver, Canadian City shrouded in fog


Crystal Palace will be reborn, Chinese billionaire unveils ambitiuous plans to rebuild the Victorian Structure

A Chinese billionaire today unveiled impressive plans to rebuild the iconic Crystal Palace glass structure nearly 80 years after it burned down. The building, whichย  was once the largest glass structure in the world, was destroyed in a… Read More


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