Thousands of photographers from around the world entered the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. Stunning  images capture numerous astronomical phenomenon, including eclipse of the sun and meteor showers. Mark Gee from Australia won the top prize for his photograph of the Milky Way over the Cape Palliser, New Zealand. The collection will be exhibited at the […]

The Perseid meteor shower happens annually between mid July and mid August but the best views were expected last night. Up to 60 meteors an hour were visible from the comet Swift-Tuttle and won’t be seen until 2125.  Across the UK people turned into amateur astronomers as they looked out for the ‘shooting stars’, a […]

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is scheduled to make his return trip to Earth late Monday after five months aboard the International Space Station, and he decided to commemorate his final hours in space with a spectacular music video. Hadfield covers David Bowie’s classic (and incredibly appropriate) song “Space Oddity.” In the video, he sings a “revised […]