HMS Queen Elizabeth hits the waves, kind of…

HMS Queen Elizabeth took to the waves yesterday at the Scottish Dockyard Clyde. The aircraft carrier is the biggest warship the Royal Navy has ever constructed and will most definitely expand on the nations global maritime influence.  Earlier… Read More


HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship nears completion

In exactly 100 days, the Royal Navy’s biggest ever warship will be named by Her Majesty the Queen, who will smash a bottle of Champagne on the 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier’s bow and name the vessel after herself…. Read More

Moto360_Macro_alt1_with text

Google Reveals OS for Smartwatches!

Google has announced their version of the mobile OS specifically designed for wearable devices such as watches. Its called Android Wear and will first be available via Motorola’s newly announced Smartwatch the Moto 360. Fitness is a key… Read More


New iWatch Concept is the most realistic to date!

Although Apple remains extremely tight-lipped as ever about any plans to release a wearable device, the persistent rumor mill and concept mock-ups continue to stir an excessive amount of excitement.. much like most Apple products do.. The latest… Read More


Google Glass Application for Firefighters could save lives

Meet Patrick Jackson. He’s a Google Glass Explorer, developer and firefighter from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Patrick is building Glassware that he hopes could one day help firefighters everywhere by providing hands-free access to the information they need,… Read More


Today in 1976 Ronald Wayne made the biggest mistake of his life | But Hey, Here’s To The Crazy Ones..

Ronald Wayne co-founded Apple Computer (now Apple Inc) with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, providing key administrative oversight for the new venture. But why is he not mentioned today? What happened to Ronald? Wayne had worked with Steve… Read More


Fake iOS 7 advert fools ‘stupid people’

A well-photoshopped Apple ad has been boasting that iOS 7 will make your iPhone waterproof, and people.. stupid people learned the hard way that software and hardware are two VERY different things. The fake advert claimed that: UPDATE… Read More


Finally the Apple iPhone 5S, Whats new!? | Live Update

So here it is, no surprise the iPhone 5S! It keeps the same overall physical design as the previous-generation iPhone 5, but it also has a number of upgrades. Apple have equipped the brand new iPhone 5S so… Read More


iOS 7 Available from 18th September | Live Update

Apple’s new iOS 7 software will be launched on September 18th. The software has been in beta testing for months but the new look and core redesign will finally make its way to your iPhone soon. It will… Read More


Apple reveals iPhone 5C, Low-Cost iPhone in 5 colours | Live Update

As per usual the rumours were true, there is in fact a budget IPhone called the iPhone 5C. Lets have a closer look at the brand new iPhone. Specs and Design The iPhone 5C has the same physical… Read More


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