Kim Kardashian, a name now famous the world over for what exactly? A sex tape? Perfume? Clothes? The most boring television show on earth? Kanye West (while we’re on the subject another egotistical tw*t)? There are a lot of reasons to hate Kim and the Kardashian family, but this video sums up just one of […]


Tinie Tempah: Discovering Destiny, is a documentary film produced by Disturbing London and directed by Jabari Johnson following Tinie Tempah on his “Discovery” tour in 2011. The film includes never before seen footage of Tinie as he becomes the first British rapper to ever sell out an arena tour in the United Kingdom. Fans will […]

Star Wars Lift Prank: Having fun with the lovely students at King’s College London (KCL) with the force. Jesters: George, Austin JesterLads A hidden camera prank TV show of just being awkward Youtube ———————– Facebook ——————– Twitter ————————- Also take note of the idiot in the top comments section..

Audience, your dreams have really come true. Finally, the Tobuscus Adventures Game has arrived. Almost. With the power of crowd funding, you can make the best iPhone game to never happen, happen. Toby Turner is making a free game available for mobile devices. All you need to do is visit the indiegogo campaign page and […]

If you’re a regular internet user you will have surely stumbled across at least one of these bizarre, confusing and quite frankly hilarious videos by now. Yes i am talking about the ‘Harlem Shake’ craze! Here i have compiled the top 5 Harlem Shake video’s on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. If you have no […]

Sam Winston is back with a third track from his new album, entitled ‘Cherry Sweet’ and i love it! It’s so uplifting, amazing voice, amazing production, simply amazing. Check it out below! This is the 3rd track from my album and is simply meant to be an uplifting song about being happy in life despite […]