Why I hate Kim Kardashian, the brand that steals


Kim Kardashian, a name now famous the world over for what exactly? A sex tape? Perfume? Clothes? The most boring television show on earth? Kanye West (while we’re on the subject another egotistical tw*t)?

There are a lot of reasons to hate Kim and the Kardashian family, but this video sums up just one of those reasons perfectly for me. A YouTuber by the name of A Dose Of Buckley uploaded a video entitled Kim Kardashian: Philanthropist Extraordinaire. This time he points out specifically her supposed fund raising for charity, which isn’t really all it seems..

Tinie Tempah: #DiscoveringDestiny (Documentary)


Tinie Tempah: Discovering Destiny, is a documentary film produced by Disturbing London and directed by Jabari Johnson following Tinie Tempah on his “Discovery” tour in 2011. The film includes never before seen footage of Tinie as he becomes the first British rapper to ever sell out an arena tour in the United Kingdom.

Fans will witness Tinie’s inspiring commitment to his craft as he bounces from city to city performing in front of sold out crowds each night. Those unfamiliar with Tinie’s journey will get a better glimpse into his background and experience the reach of his international stardom.

With a platinum debut album, 2 Brit Awards, and an Ivor Novello to name but a few achievements, Tinie Tempah’s work ethic is still unmatched. Discovering Destiny is a very personal look into the life of the UK’s rising icon, showcasing his quest to become the most successful British rapper of all time.

Executive Producer:

Dumi Oburota – http://www.DisturbingLondon.com


Jabari Johnson – http://www.youtube.com/jabari